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Thomas Benjamin

001: Customer Designed Style

001: Customer Designed Style

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Customer-Designed Boots: the goal is to allow the customer to be a part of the creation process by choosing the color, finish, design style, and sole style.

If you have questions and would like to discuss your ideas before placing your order: send an email to or Direct Message on Instagram

Back Zipped boot with a pointed/square toe. 

  • Made in the United States (Made to order)
  • 100% American Vegetable tanned Cowhide Leather
  • Hand-treated with 100% Neatsfoot Oil to ensure a supple feel
  • Orders take between 2 and 3 months to be produced and shipped

    Colors: Any color already featured somewhere on the website along with almost any other color.

    Leather Type: Smooth or Roughout

    Finishes: Three Choices

    • Acrylic: A matte finish that will slightly fade and age over time (lighter or dark colors)
    • Oil: A more typical dye shine that will not fade (darker colors)
    • Acrylic on top of Oil: this will allow the acrylic finish to distress with wear showing the darker oil undertones, creating a truly one-of-a-kind boot.
    • Hair-On Hide (If available)

    Sole Style: Traditional Leather Sole, Thomas Benjamin Specialty Leather Sole, Rubber Sole Protector on Leather Sole, Vibram Tread Sole, Jagged Leather Sole

    Custom Measurements: With a custom order, you also have the option to have the shaft of the boots fitted to your exact measurements. I will have you take a few different measurements:

    1. Circumference right below the ankle bone.
    2. Circumference of the ankle at 5" (measure from the floor, up your leg)
    3. Repeat step two at 7" (measure from the floor, up your leg)

    *Please email or send me a direct message with any questions regarding measurements and I will walk you through them.

    Once ordered, you will email stating the color you would like, sole style, leather choice, measurements, and finish. From there on you will be made a one-of-a-kind boot.

    Hardware: Can be discussed and potentially used, but there will be an additional price depending on the style of hardware


      • The fit is true to size, but half a size up leaves room for some thicker socks
      • Typically the boots will start out slightly snug around the Ankle/Achilles for the first couple of wears, but they will stretch out perfectly by around the third wear so don't freak out if they're a little snug at first
      • If you are having trouble pulling on, point your foot and it'll slide right in.
      • Difference between Women's and Men's sizing (women's width B, men's width D, women's size is 1.5 sizes smaller than men's size)


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        -Every pair is Made To Order: The product will typically ship between 2 to 3 months after the order is placed. Orders are made in chronological order that they are placed.

        -International Orders are currently available (if there are any issues when trying to place an order please email me at