"In a world where technology prospers, may we take a step back and slow down as civilizations had once before. May we create a world that will live on for generations rather than one that we lose interest in, in eight seconds."

"One of Thomas Benjamin's goals is to create products that will live with you year after year. That are timeless and that are made by craftspeople that focus on attention to detail."

Collection Three

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Welcome to the World of Thomas Benjamin.

"With every crease, every discoloration, every blemish there is a story. The story won't be told on the pages of flammable parchment, in a long forgotten library or on a database that could be erased with the collapse of the power grid. The story will be told through supple pieces of fine leather that stand between one's foot and the earth. These pieces of leather will go places that many people will never have the opportunity. See things that some can only imagine. These boots will walk across the world."

  • Oil Finish

    Traditional Leather dyeing method used for dyeing leather (darker colors).

  • Acrylic/Powder Finish

    A matte finish that will slightly fade and age over time (lighter or darker colors).

  • Acrylic on top of Oil Finish

    The leather is dyed, then finished with an acrylic top coat caqusing the leather to age and distress over time showing darker undertones creating a truly original piece.

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  • "The pyramids have lasted thousands of years, not because they were built for a generation, but because they were crafted for the lifetime of this world. Millions of stones hand-carved by highly skilled workers. Taking their time. Making everything perfect. The stones were a canvas in the sky slowly taking shape with each brush stroke laid in the sand. With only the artist themselves able to see the final masterpiece hidden in a pile of rocks. If one wants to leave an impact for a generation, then focus on building something modern, but if the House of Benjamin is meant to last for eternity then I must focus on taking the steps to cement itself in history for a lifetime. At this moment, I am in the initial planning phase of the pyramids, but soon the construction will begin."

    -Thomas Benjamin